Annual Project (2009)

  • 2009 APEC SME Innovation Seminar

    • Under the theme Innovation in SME Financing and Marketing, the 2009 SME Innovation Seminar was held at the COEX InterContinental Hotel in Seoul August 25-28.

      More than 20 SME policymakers from around the region participated in the four-day seminar, discussing and exchanging information related to successful cases of SME innovation amid the ongoing global economic crisis.

    APEC SMEIC Website Management & Newsletter Publication

    • The APEC SME Innovation Center (SMEIC) updates its website on a real-time basis to fulfill its role as a knowledge and information generator in promoting SME innovation among APEC member economies. The Center also publishes a semi-annual newsletter, APEC SME Innovation Briefing, in June and December and disseminates it through webmail to APEC SME working group members and experts on SME innovation.

    APEC SME Innovation Consulting

    • One of the primary missions of the Center is to provide technology management analysis and consulting with the dispatch of specialists in the field to SMEs in developing economies throughout the region.

      Following, an on-site preliminary diagnosis for Philippine SMEs, in May, 2009 specialists conducted full-dress analyses and consulting in September for the enterprises requiring assistance. Similar visits are also scheduled for SMEs in Indonesia, China and Vietnam.

    Korea-Japan SME Business Matchmaking

    • The APEC SME Innovation Center organizes business meetings in key fields including trade, joint ventures, technology, M&A and others to facilitate practical cooperation among APEC member economies. In July this year, SMEIC organized a one-on-one business matchmaking session in Tokyo for Korean and Japanese SMEs and helped them to identify promising business partners.

    Korea-China e-Business Cooperation

    • The APEC SME Innovation Center provides a platform for e-business cooperation and information sharing by linking related websites of APEC member economies. This year, the Center has promoted e-corporate matchmaking and trade between SMEs in Korea and China.

      With the assistance of Chinese trade experts, SMEIC supports all aspects of the trade process. It also operates an online marketplace (GobizKorea) in the Chinese language where Korean and Chinese SMEs can upload and share information on their companies, products and services.