Annual Project (2010)

  • 2010 APEC SME Innovation Seminar

    • SME Working Group meeting. The main objective of this workshop is to provide a venue for member economies to present and discuss their self-assessment report of SME Innovation policies and related best practices, especially regarding Daegu Initiative Innovation Action Plans (IAPs). Participants will be also discussing how to draft the first-cycle assessment report of the Daegu Initiative submitted to SME ministers at the 17th SME ministerial meeting in Japan in October 2010.

    Innovation Education Workshop

    • This years innovation education workshop will focus on the presentation of Koreas expertise and experience in SME development. Inviting policymakers and entrepreneurs, the forum aims at providing lessons in development that can eventually be tailored to specific models that match the environments in each economy in the region. The main content of the workshop will be presentations on Korean SME support policies as well as on Korean economic development history. These will be followed by an open discussion of SME innovation policy cases of the participating economies. During the workshop period, organizers will offer site visits to SME-related organizations and Innovative SMEs and venture companies as well as cultural visits to a folk village, traditional markets, etc.

    APEC SME Innovation Consulting

    • One of the primary missions of the Center is to provide technology management analysis and consulting with the dispatch of specialists in the required fields to SMEs in developing countries throughout the region. Based on the intensive and extensive analysis of pilot innovation consulting projects conducted in Indonesia, the Center will expand its projects in terms of scope, quality and beneficiary economies.

      The comprehensive innovation consulting program features the dispatch of specialists, in-depth analysis of overall management procedures and technology applications to provide practical solutions for improvement and assist in the implementation of a development roadmap jointly with the beneficiary enterprises.

    Dispatch of Korean SME Policy Specialists

    • The program to dispatch Korean SME specialists to APEC economies in the region is designed to offer Korean economic and SME development experience that helps policymakers and supports development plans. For this years project, MEXICO will be the beneficiary economy. The program features research and analysis tailored to the needs of each economy. A team of policy specialists and professionals will be composed based on the research and needs analysis and dispatched to conduct on-site surveys and write related reports.

    Korea-Japan SME Business Matchmaking

    • A Korea-Japan Business Matchmaking Session will be held to generate opportunities for innovative SMEs to access new markets. About 20 Korean small and medium enterprises will be selected to participate in the bilateral business matchmaking session with prospective partners from the neighboring economy.

      The Korean side will conduct a collective education session for the Korean participants in order to help them successfully generate new business collaboration with their Japanese counterparts. The two sides will give presentations on potential areas for collaboration in a prelude to specific one-on-one business discussions. The company-by-company results from the session will be analyzed for appropriate follow-up measures.

    Communication Portal & Newsletter

    • The Center will continue to upgrade its portal ( to facilitate 24-hour round-the-clock communication among APEC SMEs engaged in innovation. The content will be reinforced to focus on real-time updates of innovation activities and to serve as a knowledge generator to fuel the progress of SME innovation in the region.