Annual Project (2011)

  • SMEIC Conferences and Seminars

    A comprehensive listing of SMEIC events around the world

    APEC SME Green Innovation Conference

    • Date: April 2011
    • Venue: Seoul, Korea
    • Attendees: SME policy development officials and SME representatives
    • Aims: To facilitate and enhance intra-APEC green cooperation with a view to creating green business opportunities for SMEs and supporting environmental regulation compliance
    • Objectives:
    • 1) To share success stories of small, venture-backed renewable energy companies
    • 2) To promote green industrial technology cooperation in the APEC region through a business matchmaking event.
    • 3) To facilitate intra-APEC green cooperation by building a Green Growth Belt responsible for SME innovation policies and it is partially funded by the project "APEC SME 01/2007A".

    Green Initiative Workshop

    • Date: September 2011
    • Venue: Thailand
    • Co-sponsor: APEC SME Working Group
    • Attendees: SME policy development officials in the APEC region
    • Aims: To share and discuss Green Initiative action plans to chart the direction of SME green innovation

    General SMEIC Events

    A comprehensive listing of SMEIC events around the world

    Innovation Consultinge

    • Recipients: Smaller companies in Indonesia, Mexico, and Malaysia
    • Attendees: Twenty small and medium sized companies
    • Objectives:
    • 1) To dispatch consultants and provide support to Korean SMEs in the APEC region
    • 2) To provide comprehensive diagnoses and consulting services to improve corporate soundness and productivity

    Business Matchmaking Event

    • Date: May 2011
    • Venue: United States
    • Attendees: Ten small and medium sized companies
    • Aims: To expand business opportunities for low-carbon green SMEs thatwant to find business partners in the APEC region
    • Objectives:To provide consulting services on technology cooperation, joint ventures, and trade opportunities

    Website Update and Periodical Publications

    • Aims: To share information on green activities, advanced green technologies, and innovation success stories
    • Objectives:
    • 1) To disseminate information on green policy and technology through the newly created APEC SME Innovation Policy Map
    • 2) To promote and advertise the website on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other major internet portals
    • 3) To publish and disseminate an email newsletter to APEC SMEWG attendees